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Learning Outcomes

Girls in Gaming workshop participants will learn all about the exciting creative and technical roles in the video game industry through a day of learning and fun.

By the end of a session, your students will..

  • Understand the vast range of rewarding jobs available in the video game development industry
  • Have a firm grasp on how rules and logic work together to create exciting games
  • Understand how artwork is used to give character to vibrant video game worlds
  • Understand how code makes video games work
  • Have the tools and know-how to make their very own simple video game
  • Know how to get involved in the local game development community

Our sessions are perfect for students who’ve expressed an interest in computers, tech, writing interactive stories, brainstorming characters, and who like video games of any kind.

Give your students an insider’s view of the video game industry and the chance to create their very own games. Check out our Workshops today! (Please note: spaces are limited.)