Artist Bios

The Girls in Gaming program is led by talented artists, animators, programmers and game developers from right here in Manitoba. Our team members bring decades of game and interactive digital media industry experience to the classroom. We are passionate advocates for equipping students and teachers alike with necessary knowledge and tools to explore the wonderful world of game development.

Amy Gerardy

Amy Gerardy is an illustrator and game developer currently working as a freelance artist. She usually has a variety of projects on the go, from making prints and books to marketing materials and art assets for games. She’s contributed her art to numerous projects as a frequent game jam participant including several that have grown into larger titles such as Sort the Court and Mirror Mortis. She frequently forgets that her tea is still steeping.

Sherra Starr

Adrian Cheater

Adrian Cheater is the co-founder of Complex Games, Winnipeg’s oldest independent video game studio. A 20 year veteran of the games industry, she has worked with companies like Disney, Hasbro, and Games Workshop to bring their properties to mobile platforms. Outside of work she explores how code can be beautiful, with a focus on live coding music and LED fashion. She is very passionate about STEM education and outreach, and especially wants to empower future generations of girls to code creatively.